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WearableQR is a unique store that caters to the growing market of QR code users. This new form of technology has seen many people now own personal QR codes for many reasons like Vaccination Passports, and other travel like restrictions.

One of the coolest uses of QR codes in the 21st century is to receive crypto currency. With your unique Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin wallet QR code, you can receive direct payments from anywhere.

Our line of clothing aims to merge two important items together, so that savvy individuals can make the most of their time an get paid on the fly.

Flaunt Your Crypto Currency QR Code

Make a bold fashion statement this year and let everyone know you're on board the crypto train.

Get customized merchandise with high-quality prints of your unique Bitcoin or other crypto currency QR codes.

Join the 21st century in style and wear something that turns heads, raises curiosity, spreads awareness, and can get you paid.

Display your passport status, or get paid crypto currency from any where in the world. Our custom designed clothing range puts your personal QR code on high-quality material, ensuring you can receive payments for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Service Safe?

Yes. WearableQR uses a 256-bit ssl connection and multiple firewalls to ensure all customer data is protected. Our payment processors are PCI compliant and regulated around the world. All pictures that are uploaded by a user will be deleted within 30 days, unless the customer writes to us to keep them for future orders.

Can't Other People Use My QR Code?

No. A QR Code is an extremely unique series of codes embedded in a puzzle like picture. Whenever your personal QR code is scanned, it will bring up your relevant records, and only yours. So If someone managed to take your new QR code T-shirt, and try use it, it would show they are using another persons details, which could be an illegal action.

Can These QR Codes Be Used Officially?

This is a question that will vary in different cities, states, and regions. In many areas this can be a fashion statement, and it might not get accepted at some locations. However, in many other jurisdictions, they will appreciate the convenience, and talking point, and it would work great. As a backup, we suggest all clients, to have their original QR passport or crypto receiving address on them, this way they can prove 200% they are who they say they are, and receive funds to the right address.

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