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 What Is A QR Code?

At WearableQR we're passionate about the futuristic technology and the chance for crypto payments thanks to QR codes. So on this page we decided to look into the topic in more depth and discover as much information about these unique digital codes.

A QR Code is a mixed-style barcode, often referred to as a matrix. It was invented in the 90's by a Japanese company. The QR code is essentially like a barcode, with information about the product/item embedded into the code. QR codes can contain links to applications, websites, products, crypto currency payment wallets, and more.

For a more technically look at QR codes, the system uses four encoding methods to store data, these are alphanumeric, binary, numeric, and kanji. QR stands for Quick Response, an apt name for something that brings up details immediately when scanned.

In the 21st century the use of QRcodes is growing, with more people and businesses using them in their everyday life. Our range of personal QR code clothing and accessories are ideal for setting a futuristic trend and having unique, one-of-a-kind gear that people can send crypto to!

How Do I Get A QR Code?

This depends on what type of QR code you are trying to get. These days the most popular QR code clothing is for crypto currency payments. These digital payment codes can be created in mobile & website wallet app like Blockchain, Coinomi, Exodus, MEW, and others. Always research the wallet provider and make sure you're visiting the correct address.

When you have a crypto wallet, you can generate a QR code. To do this, select the crypto currency you want to receive (BTC/ETH/LTC/DOGE etc.) and click Receive/Receiving Address. This will generate a unique wallet for that type of crypto and a custom QR code with the wallet address embedded.

You can either save the image, or screenshot it. This can then be uploaded and added to our range of custom clothing and gear. If you are using a computer, you can use the zoom feature on the browser to make the QR code bigger, this could work better for uploads.

There are other ways to generate QR codes online, and some offer higher resolution outputs. So if you have any issues with a mobile screenshot upload, contact support and we can help you out. 

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Can I Generate A QR Code?

Yes. There are websites out there that let you generate QR codes. One we've found and used before is https://www.bitcoinqrcodemaker.com. You can create QR codes for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Monero crypto currencies. 

To generate a QR code, visit their website. Select the crypto currency you're using, and enter your wallet address. On the next page your unique digital QR code will be displayed. 

To test it works, you can use your crypto wallet or phone to scan the QR code and see that your wallet address comes up. 

You can use the browser zoom feature to get a large high quality copy of your QR code and save it as a PNG in paint. This way you can easily upload it to our range of crypto QR clothing and get your gear ready.

What Size Image Should I Upload?

When you pick a custom clothing product you like and it's time to upload your personal QRcode, we recommend getting the highest resolution picture possible. This makes it easier for us to print your code with accuracy. If you have any issues you can always contact us first and we'll be happy to help you. 

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